24 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Astrologia* Astroloji .......... Hem de Italiano**

Scorpio (Italian: Scorpione): Oct. 23-Nov. 22: Scorpio = Wow. A sign so intense that no other country but Italy will do – after that, Scorpios can only reach for the stars themselves. You are brooding and passionate, Scorpio, so you need to calm down for a minute and see an opera at La Scala. Then, you need to indulge in a custom shopping tour in Milan, followed by a luxurious sojourn at a five-star property on Lake Como or Lake Garda. You need the art of Florence more than the ruins of Rome. A romantic weekend at a villa in Tuscany is suitable for a Scorpio, but what you really need to do be true to your inner exuberance is get married in Puglia – maybe even twice in the same year.

Beni anlatıyor. Aşık olduğum heryerden bahsetmiş inanamadım. Como ve Garda,  göl nedir bilmez olan benim aşık olduğum iki göl . Milano ya pek meraklı olmasam da Roma ve Floransa ......... Ben de tuttu. Deneyin görün istedim bu yüzden paylaşıyorum. Okunmak üzere...

 * Astroloji
** İtalyan


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